Word of Mouth, Connecticut Magazine, May 2011

Word of Mouth, Connecticut Magazine, May 2011
After 14 years in the business, any cafĂ© owner struggles with keeping the menu “adventurous”. When Michelle Lebel, co-owner (with her husband Amer) of The Corner, uses that word, she’s thinking on a different level – especially when it comes to weekend brunches.

Over the years, the Lebels have offered different dishes incorporating alligator, elk, black bear, and kangaroo; one current special is South Indian Pulled Duck wrapped in a bacon layered tortilla with scrambled eggs ($12.95). “We like to incorporate dinner ideas into our breakfast selection,” Michelle says. “Some people think it’s absolutely crazy, but we sell them out anyway.” They’re also loyal to their classics. Our favorite is the stuffed french toast, which was The Corner’s first special. The over-the-top best in show is the Trio, a combination of two “stuffies” (one strawberry and banana, one with apple-raisin-cream cheese-cinnamon) and a slice of vanilla cake soaked in sweet cream, topped with strawberries ($10.95).

Egg sandwich fans should try the Tasso: thinly sliced spicy roasted pork wrapped in a flour tortilla with scrambled eggs, tomato, and Cheddar cheese. If you’re more the Eggs Benedict type, we’d recommend the crispy goat cheese medallions over grilled tomato on an English muffin topped with poached eggs and Hollandaise, or perhaps, fresh pan-seared crab cakes over the egg-muffin-hollandaise combo.

Of course, the a.m. basics are also available – fresh fruit with yogurt ($5.95), a two egg breakfast in any style ($4.95) or even a bagel with butter and jelly ($1.95) – as well as a lunch menu of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and quesadillas.

Our advice is to arrive as early as possible. Perched on the edge of Milford’s downtown, with a tidy decor composed of antique furniture, books, and curios (including several reversed paintings and a crank-handled Victrola we covet), The Corner is often mobbed by 9 a.m.