Bite of the Best Review

Bite of the Best
Review by Bonnie

My friend Diane and I like to catch up over Sunday brunch — generally trying new places but sometimes returning to ones we’ve liked. We returned to The Corner (Milford, CT) — a cozy place filled with regulars (we know as we chatted with many of them while waiting for a table).

When asked what’s good, one of the regulars said, “Everything!” This regular has been coming for years and had worked his way down the menu, trying each and every unusual offering on it.

Their brunch items are a bit different than the regular omelets and pancakes usually found — although you can order those, too. This time we tried poached eggs over a flavorful corned beef sweet potato hash (a soft hash with diced bacon, sausage and onion), $8.95 — and the flaky French flatbread stuffed with sauteed spinach, scrambled eggs, caramelized onions and smoked gouda. A nice homestyle place for brunch.